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Sorenson Engineering Acquires TESA Technology

November 2007 we received our first two of five TESA-Scan 25 Opto-Electronic Measuring Centers. Interfaced with QC-Calc. QC-CALC Pro-Measure Software, a fully automatic Statistical Process Control (SPC) program that collects, analyzes, and reports inspection data from our TESA measurement systems, giving Sorenson Engineering the tools to perform precision measurements on the shop floor and statistically monitor all external dimensions. This instrument was designed and manufactured for the screw machine industry. Machine technicians measure their products as they come off the machine and are able to quickly and accurately determine the quality of their work. With networked software, both quality inspectors and management are able to monitor the dimensions of any machine in real-time. Statistical data and graphs are used to maintain dimensions and can be printed on demand.


Sorenson Engineering Co-Develops Automated Hood Assembly

In 2005 Sorenson Engineering worked with an automation company to design and build an automated machine for contact hood assembly. With this machine we are able to press the stainless steel hoods onto the contacts and measure force requirements in the assembly process with the capability to probe, and test insertion and retention forces.


Sorenson Engineering Introduces Spline Forming Machine

Sorenson Engineering recently designed and fabricated a machine that is capable of forming splines on a stainless steel part that is used in the medical industry. Fully automated, the machine shears the cutoff flags from the parts and performs two processes that were once done manually.


Sorenson Engineering Accelerates Offline Setups

Sorenson Engineering has fabricated machine components for Secondary Operations Universal Machines, enabling us to make setups offline and swap them out at the machines. This concept is similar to doing a "quick die change" and gives us additional capacity and a reduction in our setup times along with the design of a setup work bench that will allow us to do four setups simultaneously.


Sorenson Incorporates Automated Sorting to Insure Zero Defects

In the effort to insure Zero Defects Sorenson has put together automated feeding systems integrated with Eddy-current testing equipment providing inspection that is a non-destructive test method using the principal of "electromagnetism" as the basis for conducting examinations.







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